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Executive Coach | Business Consultant


With more than 25 years of experience in production and management within the entertainment industry, including her role as a Chief Operating Officer, Amy is a seasoned professional well-versed in the intricacies of what it takes for individuals and companies to thrive. She is also a former small business owner and understands firsthand the unique challenges of an entrepreneurial venture. Amy has a wealth of experience spanning small companies, start-ups and global organizations, which uniquely positions her to address the varied needs of individuals and businesses across different scales and industries.


Whether you're a company fostering employee development, an individual looking to grow professionally, or an entrepreneur navigating small business challenges, Amy's Executive Coaching services offer essential guidance.


Amy's Business Consulting provides industry expertise for entertainment and media companies without long-term commitment to overhead expense.

For information on how Amy can help you or your company, reach out for a complimentary introductory meeting. 

Meet Amy Hussey

Amy Hussey is dedicated to the success of individuals and companies, utilizing her extensive skills and experience for their benefit. Through Executive Coaching, Amy inspires individuals on their path to unlocking their full potential and achieving career aspirations. In Business Consulting, Amy strategically applies her knowledge to construct, expand and strengthen organizations. With a deep-rooted commitment to personal and professional growth, Amy is a guiding force for those seeking to thrive in the workplace.


Executive Coaching

Whether it involves leveraging your unique strengths, formulating a success-oriented roadmap, navigating corporate dynamics, excelling through work transitions, sharpening communication skills, or gaining clarity on your future direction, these are just a few avenues where Amy's coaching can offer valuable assistance. Through insightful and interactive sessions, she offers tailored guidance, support and partnership designed to assist individuals in navigating the path of professional growth and development, crucial for achieving success. Amy provides coaching services to leaders across diverse industries including, but not limited to, entertainment, media, healthcare, engineering, Human Resources, among others.  

Business Consulting

Amy specializes in helping production companies, entertainment organizations and digital start-ups during their growth and transition phases. She guides them in scaling their operations, establishing corporate structures, assessing organizational needs, and optimizing their talent acquisition strategies. She can help navigate workplace changes and personnel transitions with minimum impact to employees and operations. Having worked for organizations with headquarters in London and Paris, Amy is uniquely qualified to help bridge international gaps in understanding how production operates in different countries. Her approach fosters a culture of respect, camaraderie, and productivity, enabling companies to expand and improve, and ultimately achieve sustainable success.

Let's get acquainted

Business Consulting services are customized to your specific business needs. To discuss, please contact Amy Hussey directly or set up a Free Introductory Meeting. For Executive Coaching, please schedule a Free Introductory Meeting to discuss how coaching can benefit you.

Free Introductory Meeting

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Amy Hussey Executive Coach

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