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“I believe in a customized, collaborative and personal approach to executive coaching, whereby the individual being coached is as invested in a successful outcome as I am. I work closely with my clients to understand their unique situation, needs and desired results. With a willingness to communicate honestly, a genuine desire to see results, a commitment to implement change and an open mind to constructive feedback, I can help you achieve your goals.”


Whether you represent a company eager to nurture the professional development of your employees, are an individual seeking to unlock your full potential, or an entrepreneur navigating small business ownership, Amy’s Executive Coaching services offer the guidance and insight you need to excel. 

Executive Coaching

What are clients saying about Executive Coaching with Amy?

"I finally found the right partner and support to move from a frustrating mindset to success."

Tess Wong, Executive Director

"Working with an executive coach had never crossed my mind. I am not an executive. The film industry is way too niche for an outsider to be able to offer me guidance or insight on my particular path. I could not have been more wrong. Working with Amy was the first time I had someone in my corner giving me practical, actionable feedback and helping me prioritize my career goals. I finally feel I have the ability to accurately express the value I bring to a project. Thanks to Amy I'm looking forward to opportunities to pitch myself for larger, more challenging projects in the future."

Gina H.

Harnessing your unique strengths, crafting a roadmap for success, navigating corporate dynamics, excelling during work transitions, honing communication skills, or clarifying your future direction - these represent just a few avenues through which Amy's coaching can empower you to reach your goals. Through insightful and interactive sessions, she offers tailored guidance and support, ultimately contributing to positive transformations in your professional growth and aspirations.​


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Example Topics
For Coaching

  • Unlock your full potential and amplify your impact

  • Evaluate your strengths and transform weaknesses into assets

  • Leverage your unique abilities to propel your career forward

  • Help clarify and refine your priorities, career goals and desired outcomes

  • Break down your goals into manageable, achievable actions

  • Create a roadmap for your professional development and success

  • Identify and understand any obstacles and barriers that may be hindering your progress

  • Learn how to navigate workplace changes and personnel transitions

  • Master vital professional skills including presenting, interviewing, asking for what you need in the workplace, and leading meetings

  • Acquire insights into group dynamics 

  • Resolve conflicts amongst teams and create a path to camaraderie and effective collaboration

  • Develop effective communication and collaboration skills with peers, managers, and direct reports to maximize team productivity  

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client, aimed at elevating the performance and effectiveness of individuals in their professional endeavors. While the range of topics covered may vary, potential areas of focus encompass refining leadership skills, enhancing decision-making, improving communication, and optimizing overall executive performance. This process is strategically crafted to foster the formulation and progression of professional goals, guiding the implementation of a targeted plan to achieve those objectives.


Executive coaching is specifically tailored to a professional setting, while life coaching has a broader focus on personal development, psychotherapy is geared towards addressing and resolving mental health issues and career coaching is centered around facilitating steps towards securing new job opportunities such as updating LinkedIn profiles and resumes. 



What does Executive Coaching entail? 

Coaching entails a series of ten individual sessions conducted via zoom, tailored to address specific priorities and continuing until desired goals are reached. Amy offers in-person coaching for groups and teams. To enhance your progress between sessions, Amy offers additional support through spot coaching via zoom, phone, or email as part of select package options. Amy accommodates clients across various time zones and internationally, as needed.

What are the ways to work with Amy as an Executive Coach?


Amy can work with individuals, outside of an organization, on a variety of topics related to their professional growth. In these instances, the individual reaches out to contract directly with the coach. Goals and desired outcomes will be talked about at the beginning of the coaching partnership and will be memorialized in the informational intake form.

Amy can also work with an organization or company that sponsors the coaching relationship. In this way, the sponsor incurs the financial costs associated with the coaching and may advise on the specific areas of focus for the coach and employee. While the areas to be covered at the outset of the coaching can be discussed with the sponsor, the coaching sessions themselves are confidential. The exception is if there is a violation of the policies of the organization or company, or the employee chooses to share information with the sponsor. Confidentiality and other topics are discussed at the start of the coaching engagement and outlined in detail in the coaching agreement.

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